What Is The True Cost of a Vehicle Wrap?

When we get calls from potential clients wanting to know about vehicle wraps, the number one thing on their mind is usually cost. These business owners and marketing agents normally already see the benefits of purchasing a billboard on wheels, but they want to know whether the cost is worth it. Obviously we think so, but don’t just take our word for it – the numbers speak for themselves.

So how much does a vehicle wrap cost? In terms of concrete figures, you’re looking at paying somewhere between $1,500 and $3,500, depending on whether you’re getting a full or partial wrap and how large the vehicle is. The cost is based in the square footage of the vehicle, with curvier or more intricate vehicles tending to cost a little. As you can imagine, the price of a car wrap depends on a lot of variables such as the quality of the materials, installation time, and whether or not you require design services. Most companies also make adjustments if you’re having a fleet wrapped.

Of course, the numbers that I just mentioned are only one way of looking at the cost of a vehicle wrap. To see the big picture, we need to do a little math. The average properly cared for wrap lasts for about five years, meaning that they become long term marketing investments. Unlike other forms of advertising that might only air or be printed a few times, your car wrap will be working around the clock for a full 1,825 days! Talk about brand exposure!

If you consider the cost stretched out over the life of the vehicle wrap, even the more expensive wraps average out to less than a couple of dollars a day! Vehicle wraps are not only proven to be effective, they’re also the least costly method of advertising per number of ad impressions. This makes wrapping a company car or truck a great decision for smaller or mid-sized businesses who find it hard to keep up with their bigger competitor’s vast marketing budgets.

Let’s go back to our original question: what is the cost of a vehicle wrap? The answer depends on your personal outlook, and if you prefer to focus on the upfront cost or the long term reality. If you’re interested in a long term marketing solution, then the numbers speak for themselves!

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