Vinyl Removal


When removing vinyl from a customer’s vehicle it is important to discuss possible issues that can arise during the removal process. Depending on the condition of the vehicle that vinyl is being removed there are chances that damage can happen. Any spots on vehicle where paint is adhered lightly could be damaged which is more relevant on older vehicles. Depending on how long the vinyl was on the vehicle it could be burned-in from years of exposure to sunlight. Damages can occur when removing vinyl on plexi sign and glass. As much as we like to tell our customers that small removal jobs can be performed by the customer themselves, not everyone is skillful to properly remove vinyl and to get the job done at a timely manner and without issue it is recommended to have the removal performed by a professional.


Removing vinyl is not always easy and it depends on the surface it is applied to. For example, when removing vinyl from glass try not to use a torch or heat gun as applying heat may shatter the glass. Scrapper can be used, however if the vinyl is not old (cracked, burned) then it can be easily peeled off the glass surface. When removing vinyl from a glass surface place your razor blade as flat to the window as possible and try to avoid lifting the back end of the blade while scraping as lifting the back end of the blade can scratch the glass surface.

When removing vinyl from a vehicle, heat is one of the most important tools. If inexperienced with vinyl removal use a heat gun as it will prevent you from burning the vinyl and/or the surface of the vehicle. Heat only small areas that you can remove up to a minute. You can use a plastic scraper to lift the edge of the vinyl and peel, then repeat the process.

Chemical Removers

Removing adhesive can be the worst part of the entire job, as you are exposing yourself to harmful fumes, remember to use a mask and gloves. Depending from what surface you are removing the glue damages can happen like scratches, paint peeling and discoloration (on old vehicles only). Rapid Remover is a chemical used by most sign shops for removing glue after vinyl was removed. Process is quite simple, just spray the glue, wait 30-60 seconds and scrape it off. After removing all the glue wash the surface off with soap water so that no residue of left of the rapid remover. If surface is not cleaned properly from any chemical residue it may cause stickers to peel after a short time.

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