Sign in the sky

A sign in the sky

Sky Ads
Image credit: StartRocket

(Sign in the sky) The practice of looking up at the night sky and marveling at the constellations that populate it is, so to speak, coming to an end. A new Russian company called Start Rocket is working on a system to broadcast advertisements from outer space. However, as a result of hearing many insightful criticisms, the corporation has made the decision to concentrate its efforts on clearing the skies of space debris by not adding any more to the existing mess. Critique and resistance to change are inevitable responses from humans when new technology is introduced. It is only a matter of time until advertisements start appearing in the area above our heads, and when that happens, individuals will begin to complain that clouds block the view of their advertisements.

FUN FACT: The U.S. outlawed space-based advertising in 1993

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