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Plexiglass Guards

Shop here for plexiglass guards is a effective protection against third-party germs. Thanks to this barrier, the seller and the buyer are protected from contact with viruses that may be present during a sneeze or cough. Its construction allows it to be placed, e.g. on a pharmacy, shopping counter, at the reception desk or other places where isolation is needed. Especially in places where the recommended distance from strangers is not maintained.

Our Plexiglass Guards are easy to assemble and disassemble for storage.

We can manufacture a custom size plexiglass guard for your needs.

Please fill out our plexiglass guard quote form for custom size.

A1A Plexiglass Guards
Floor Decal

Physical Distancing Floor Decals

Shop for physical distancing floor decals to ensure public health safety in stores and other public places. Use these floor decals to ensure that people maintain a healthy distance from each other in your place of business.

Face Shield

Eco-Disposable Face SHIELDS

For non-medical designed for crucial front-line industries. Low Cost, Easy to Use and considered a Class 1 Device by Health Canada. Eco-Disposable Face Shields adds a layer of Protection in conjunction with face masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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