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A sign consisting of opaque lettering with the light source hidden behind the letters, creates a glow or halo effect around the letters.

Brightly lit through the back, these signs create a colourful and vivid effect 24 hours a day. They significantly enhance readability and are far more likely to captivate the attention of passers-by than regular signs.

A backlit sign, occasionally referred to as simulated neon, retains the groovy look of neon while allowing you to replace your slogan effortlessly. The cost is around 1/3 of the price of a conventional neon signs. Backlit signs are encased inside a box and work with a basic light bulb, which can be bought at any home hardware store.

Along with text and symbols, you may also have face plates that contain pictures, icons and emblems, whatever you want to advertise. This category of signs are ideal for car shops, restaurants, clubs and bars, beauty and tanning salons, and convenience stores to name a few. Virtually any business enterprise having a storefront can benefit from a backlit sign and the phenomenal interest it attracts.

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