services include:

A1A Signs & Graphics Inc. offers attractive, high quality commercial signage for indoor and outdoor including: custom backlit signs, LED signs, monument & pylon signs, channel lettering and architectural signs.

Along with text and symbols, you may also have face plates that contain pictures, icons and emblems, whatever you want to advertise. This category of signage is ideal for car shops, restaurants, clubs/bars, beauty and tanning salons, as well as convenience stores to name a few. Virtually any business enterprise with a storefront can benefit from a backlit sign and the phenomenal interest it attracts.

A1A Signs & Graphics Inc. is a professional and preferred  sign installer in the GTA. Be sure to use us if you want the job done right! We can handle the entire process of producing your sign guaranteed. We will help you with the design,  manufacturing, and installation. Take full advantage of our knowledge and expertise to help you get the most out of your back lit signs.

Architectural Signs

Architectural signs have a large variety of applications. Starting from simple parking, traffic control post signs, and large pylon signs installed at plaza entrance’s. We also serve the housing and construction markets. Builders benefit from construction signs for new housing developments. Realtors commonly use real estate signs. We can create a variety of signs, big and small such as “Land for Sale”, and “For Lease” signs.

Outdoor Sign

Monument and Pylon Signs

A Well-positioned and professionally designed pylon sign is a very effective way to provide notice for the location of your business. This style of signage usually features business names and logos, and complements any space or building. The first impression of your business is most often a pylon sign. These also provide low maintenance, high impact exposure  for minimal costs.


LED Signs

LED signs have come a long way! A lot has changed since the days when the only LED sign in town was the time and temperature at the local bank. The original signs where single-coloured usually red or amber. The new generation offers a full range of colors, incredible high resolution capabilities, and realistic images that look like they are in motion. Perhaps the most memorable cluster of LED signs in one place is in Times Square in New York City. The flashing lights, picture-quality displays and life-like images are all made of LEDS.

L.E.D. Sign

Backlit Signs

Brightly lit through the back, these signs create a colourful and vivid effect 24 hours a day. They significantly enhance readability and are far more likely to captivate the attention of passers-by than regular signs.

Channel Letters

Channel Lettering

Channel lettering is a widely used three-dimensional lettering style, usually designed with an illuminated face of transparent plastic. Channel lettering is manufactured by forming aluminum sheeting into the form of the letter, into a sort of a letter-shaped container. Well-liked by department shops because of their ability to reach massive sign dimensions without having too much weight, channel letters may also be converted to shapes for logo use.

3D Cut Letters