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Wallpaper, murals and canvas have had a bad rap in recent years – for most people, it was something you’d see only in your grandma’s bedroom. Since then the contemporary wallcoverings, such a murals, canvas and wall decals and wallpaper, have come a long way. Homeowners shown contemporary wall covering collections are often very pleasantly surprised and impressed with their quality, sizes, selection, ease of installation, durability and cost.

Wall murals and wall canvas are large scale, digitally printed photographic reproductions, especially designed for the inner walls of stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, offices and other commercial and industrial spaces. They are also perfect for residential areas, such as dining rooms, bathrooms, living rooms and, particularly, children’s bedrooms.

Murals can have a dramatic and positive impact, when they are added to areas where people live and work. The presence of large, tasteful murals is aesthetically pleasing, it encourages imaginative play and enhances the awareness of art. Through sophisticated and stylish murals people express their individuality and bring life and personal touch to any vertical spaces.

For business owners wall murals and digitally printed wall canvas can also be a perfect medium to advertise their product or service. Often combined with channel lettering they create a a high-impact visual graphic displays.

A1A Signs & Graphics Inc. Inc. store is an ultimate source for creative and stylish wallpapers, murals, wall canvas, wall decals, privacy films and more. We have been delivering top quality wall decor products to interior designers, architects, home and business owners, and do-it-yourselfers for over 15 years.

We offer you an extensive collection of ready-to-install wall murals and printed wallpapers, showcasing the stunning architecture, historical places, natural scenic backdrops, city and natural landscapes, animal murals, art, vintage wallpaper recreation, funky wallpaper and much more.

Our large format printing service is capable of churning outpremium quality large prints to cover the entire walls as well as smaller areas for framing. We have successfully completed projects larger than 50′ in size.

We can even create custom wall murals and decals from your high-resolution photo or artwork, printed to your specified size, on the highest quality vinyl and media paper available on the market.

We provide our services to customers located in the Greater Toronto Area, including the cities of Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Burlington. We also enjoy relationships with clients nationwide, from coast to coast.

With 20 years of experience you can trust us to handle all your printing needs