L.E.D. Signs

LED signs have come a long way since the days when the only LED sign in town was the time and temperature in red at the local bank. The original single-color signs were in red or amber, but the new generation offers a full range of colors, incredible high resolution capabilities, and realistic images that can change so quickly they can look like moving images. Perhaps the most memorable cluster of LED signs in one place is in Times Square in New York City. The flashing lights, picture-quality displays and life-like images are all made of LEDS.

LED stands for light emitting diode. They were developed in the 1920s, originally for radio technology. The bulbs are designed for a long life, produce very little heat and use less energy than most other light sources. They do not contain filaments which can break or burn out. With all these attributes, they are perfect for a business, community, or church which wants to advertise while maintaining an environmental awareness.

The old red signs have largely been replaced with what is called RGB technology, standing for red, green, and blue.

With these three primary colors, billions of colors can be electronically generated, including white, which is a perfect balance of the three colors.

With LED signs, you can create moving images with incredibly high resolution, much like a television set or computer monitor. Unlike the often boring black and white signs with individual letters which someone must go out and move tediously with a pole, these high-tech messages can be programmed from inside via your computer.

LED signs can be set up inside your business and be read from the street, as they are as bright as neon but much more efficient. They are bright enough to be visible even in the bright sunshine. You can set them up to flash, to scroll, or to spell out scrolling messages in alternating colors. Even your basic open sign be a flashy work of art, attracting customers from the street.

A LED sign can also be set up outside, in a marquee, on a trailer, or as a billboard. You can easily change your message to interest your customers, keep them updated on sales or specials, and reach the local traffic that drives by your business every day.

Churches can use these electronic digital displays to display thought-provoking messages, meeting information and schedules, and to promote services and sermons. Banks can use the signs to advertise interest rates on savings, mortgages and certificates of deposit. Retail locations can utilize the signage to promote sales, specials, and consumer information. Governments and agencies can use an LED sign to promote community awareness, meetings, and services. Your consumers are probably driving by your business or sign location at least twice a day, but do they know you exist?

Bright and attractive LED signs draw attention. Signs that remain static are often overlooked, but those that can change their message, in bright and vibrant colors, will garner attention again and again. Realistic pictures and memorable images will make your business or organization stand out in people’s minds.

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